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Tikanga Haumaru | TWP Safety Guidelines

Small Boats

Reminder that if you are using the club Singles or Doubles, you need to adhere to the Club safety guidelines, including:

  • Completing a pre-paddle checklist, wind check and wind forecast (checklists and wind guidelines will be available in the container and the lock-up).  You can also check the FB page for weather updates which are posted before club paddle sessions.

  • You must be signed off to use the singles or doubles, especially if you are going out alone (please get in touch if you need more information about this)

  • Carrying a communications device (mobile phone) out on the water

  • Wearing a full PFD not an inflatable PFD (life jackets are in the lock up - if required we can put a few in the container as well) .

The TWP Leadership team have developed the Procedures and Safety Action Plan to ensure that our paddlers are safe out on the water, we are well equipped to respond to incidents on the water, and that we comply with National and Regional requirements.


3 documents to support the Procedures and Safety Action Plan are available below:

  1. Te Waka Pounamu Standard Operating Procedures

  2. Wind Guidelines

  3. TWP Intentions Check List

We ask that all club members familiarise themselves with these documents.


Also provided below is a map of training course options based on different wind conditions.

For FULL SAFETY GUIDELINES (printable version) - please click below:


For WIND GUIDELINES (printable version) - please click below:


For TWP INTENTIONS CHECK LIST (printable version) - please click below:


For RIVER NAVIGATION RULES (Avon River/ Ōtākaro between the upstream limits of Kerrs Reach and the boundary with the Estuary of the Heathcote and the Avon Rivers/Ihutai) - please click HERE.

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