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Kōrerorero / Feedback Page

Please let us know your feedback on the form below.  This will be updated from time to time depending on the kaupapa. 

If you have any further questions or feedback, please email us on

Covid-19 Requirements Survey

With the Government’s Covid19 traffic light system coming into play on December 3rd the TWP Committee is researching and deciding what this means for our club.

Te Waka Pounamu is affiliated to the Naval Point Club Lyttelton (NPCL) - which in turn leases the NPCL club area from the Christchurch City Council.  As part of our affiliation to NPCL, we are able to store our waka and equipment within the NPCL leased area, use the NPCL boat ramp, utilise storage containers, use the clubrooms etc, and in addition to this, many of our TWP members pay NPCL fees to use the club facilities (eg. showers etc). 

In response to the traffic light system, NPCL has updated its Covid19 policy which requires that all participants (aged 12 and over) involved in any club activity or utilising the clubhouse, grounds, ramp, storage or haulout to be vaccinated. Further to the NPCL policy, Christchurch City Council have a vaccine certificate requirement for all Recreation and Sport Facilities.

Both the NPCL Policy and the CCC Framework, directly impacts our club and our members, meaning that if we chose to take a different approach, we may need to find alternative locations for our storage, launching and wider club activities. The TWP Committee therefore want to gain feedback from our members about how we proceed, before we make a decision on Covid 19 requirements.

While many of our committee value that vaccination is a choice, we equally value the need to protect each other, and in particular our vulnerable members, as well as our interactions with the wider Naval Point community. At the end of the day, we want our club members, their whanau and our community to stay well. This will be in the forefront of any decision that is made.

To assist with this, attached is a link to a survey to gather information on your views on how you would like to see the club proceed under the new framework.  

Please be assured that your responses will be confidential, and that you do not have to participate if you are not comfortable.

1. What is your current vaccination status?
1a. If you are not vaccinated, are you considering getting vaccinated?
1b. If you have only had a single vaccination, are you going to get your second vaccination?
2. If you are choosing not to be vaccinated, do you believe you have enough information and understanding of how this may limit your involvement in sport under the Governments Covid19 traffic light framework?
Aku mihi nui ki a koe / Thanks for your feedback!!
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