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Whakaako Waka | Club Training

Full club training sessions are held on Tuesday evenings (6pm) and Saturday mornings (8am) during Spring / Summer, and are reduced in Autumn and Winter due to available sunlight hours and colder weather.

The club also has organised sessions for Tāne (Wednesday evenings), Wāhine (Thursday evenings), Kaumātua (Sunday mornings) and Taiohi (Wednesday afternoons and Sunday mornings).  A Small boats session is also held on Sunday mornings.  Confirmation of these sessions, based on weather and availability of coaches, is done on our club Facebook page:

Dedicated crew training times are Monday and Friday evenings, Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Saturday afternoons. 

Individual club members and teams are also able to use waka outside of the these times - but you must be signed off, book these via the club website, and understand and adhere to club safety guidelines. 


If your team is interested in locking in a regular training slot then please email the Committee on:

Club training resources, including karakia and recommended course routes are available below.


The Club has a range of coaches to help with technique and other training needs - so once you have decided that this sport is for you then we are able to provide assistance with tuition on technique, style, and fitness.

Coaching is provided at the organised club training, but the club also provides and participates in coaching clinics - either run by club members or formal workshops run by Waka Ama NZ.  You can also organise clinics with a range of coaches and paddlers around the country. There is normally a cost involved in these so check the details when these are advertised.


New Paddler Sign Off

All new members must be signed off to take out club waka – either as a kaihautū/steerer of a W12, W6 or W3, or as a kaihoe/paddler of a club W2, V1 or OC1. This process is managed by the Club Committee, and is delegated to suitably qualified members to run.

For W2, V1 or OC1 waka, this is done via specially organised small boat sessions until members are assessed or considered to be proficient. For steerers, this is done via club trainings and/or specific steering wānanga, again, until members are considered to be proficient. Signed off members can also take out and supervise new members to train them in W12/W6/W3 steering and/or W2/V1/OC1 paddling, ahead of them being signed off by the Club Assessors and/or the Club Committee.

The club will maintain a list of members who are qualified steerers and small boat paddlers. Please contact the Club Committee if you require further information on the sign off process or if you wish to be assessed.

Below is a guide used to help teach and assess new paddlers in relation to small boats - W2, OC1 and V1s.

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