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Rēhita | Member Registration and Risk Waiver Form

Please complete a separate form for each individual paddler that this registration covers. 
Both new and existing members must complete this form prior to the payment their membership fees to ensure contact details are current.  On completion of this form you will be directed to the membership payment page, where you can select and pay for your appropriate member fees. 
You also need to send through a photo and a copy of one form of identification (Birth Certificate, Drivers Licence or Passport) - so we can complete your Waka Ama NZ Registration.
Tēnā rawa atu koe / Thank you!

Tautōhito / Paddling Experience & Swimming Ability

By submitting this form, I hereby certify that I am physically fit and of proper health to participate in outrigger canoe training, competition, and events.

I acknowledge that the aforementioned activities are physically strenuous from neuromuscular, cardiovascular and aerobic perspectives and that sudden unexpected injury or death may occur from diagnosed or undiagnosed conditions  I may have, and that the Club and its members tailor training sessions in such a way that high physiological demands are placed on paddlers of all levels.


I further acknowledge that the aforementioned activities are inherently risky due to the nature of the medium where they are practiced (bodies of water, both sheltered and unsheltered) and of the equipment used. While the Club and its members have taken and take steps to diminish inherent risks, the demands of the sport require that training and competitive events be undertaken in conditions i.e. surf, waves, high winds, among others) regularly.


I agree to wear a properly fitting PFD at all times paddling on Whakaraupō / Lyttelton Harbour and that I acknowledge and understand that I am responsible for any risks and harm to myself that I may encounter as a result of paddling with  Te Waka Pounamu Outrigger Canoe Club.

Please remember to complete a new form for every paddler applicable to the same membership registration and before proceeding to making your payment. 

If you are filling this form out on behalf of your tamariki, please note the waiver above provides your consent for them to participate.



The Naval Point Club Fee of $80.00 (Adult Paddler)/ $40.00 (Child Paddler) is payable to the Naval Point Club and can be processed by going into the office or online to:

Those who want to make use of the facilities at the Arawa Canoe Club at Kerrs Reach (including showers and gym) must join up seperately at:

If you have any difficulties with completing this form or making your payment please email:

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